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Waste Management and Recycling Cluster - National Key Cluster creates raw material facilities for industry, integrating the industry and strengthening the competitiveness of member companies in accordance with the Circular Economy model. During the 10 years, we have been jointly creating a modern, dynamically operating organization of companies and institutions in green economy. WMRC is the industry's information, communication and cooperation platform supporting the innovative environment by financing, sharing knowledge and resources, developing the competences of enterprises included in the Cluster. Our activities are also dedicated to the inspiration of the entrepreneurs in the search for competitive advantages important for the development of member companies, also on the international ground. All these activities are carried out through dedicated services, projects, training and partnerships. Our services are also available to external partners. The cluster gather nearly 150 members from all over the country. From 2016 is one of the 20 Polish National Key Clusters, certificated by the Ministry of the Development.

Projects and Initiatives



GreenOffshoreTech is a Cluster Facilitated Project with the purpose of supporting innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), fostering development of the emerging Blue Economy industries by enabling new cross-sectorial and cross-border value chains based on shared challenges and the deployment of key enabling technologies (KET).

GreenOffshoreTech will facilitate the creation of new products, processes or services with the ambition to make offshore production and transport green, clean and sustainable towards a resource-efficient economy and EU GreenDeal, while facing Reindustrialization.

3 million euros to support SMEs

GreenOffshoreTech will boost innovation by directly supporting at least 82 SMEs and 82 SMEs innovative projects aiming at developing new innovative products, processes or services:

1. Direct financial support to SMEs through a competitive Call of Proposal for innovation projects in relevant topics;

2. A range of dedicated and tailored Business Support Services to the winner SMEs.



MINE.THE.GAP brings together SMEs from the raw materials and mining sector with companies that have solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain. Through open calls and support services, MINE.THE.GAP makes business ideas a reality.

The projects funded under MINE.THE.GAP propose solutions to make the mining and raw material value chain more sustainable and digital.

MINE.THE.GAP provides direct financial support to SMEs through innovation vouchers. These vouchers are dedicated to strategic plan preparation, validation of ideas and proof of concept/demonstrations activities to innovate the mining and raw material value chain. They are distributed through two open calls during the MINE.THE.GAP project lifetime.



The main objective of RE-PLAN CITY LIFE is to raise awareness of the use of RTMs among relevant stakeholders (e.g. technicians of public administrations, policymakers), to promote the increased use of RTMs in buildings, infrastructure and urban areas.

The project team will:

  • Expand visibility of the significant work done with RTMs, making knowledge and relevant information available through a web application;
  • Implement and promote Green Public Procurement (GPP) in collaboration with companies and public administrations, define tender specifications to create opportunities for recycling companies to expand environmentally-sound markets, and make available to procurers an easy and reliable verification of green requirements;
  • Implement practical initiatives to develop the circular economy principles for RTMs and their applications in the urban environment.

The project contributes to the implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, Waste Framework Directive, and other policies related to waste management and resource use efficiency.

Polish Circular Forum

Events and Initiatives

The unique annual event dedicated to the circular economy in Polish and European terms from the perspective of the industry, addressed to business representatives across the entire value chain - from raw material producers to recyclers, as well as to public administration, industry and non-governmental organizations and the media.

Throughout the year, its side events also create an interesting offer of practical workshops, meetings and webinars.

KNR Green

Circular Certification

The first Polish recycling certification standard for companies wishing to confirm the proportion of recycled materials in their products. The purpose of the KNR Green standard is to support the Circular Economy.pulvinar fames.


Circular Transition

A comprehensive service to support companies in the construction and improvement of products, services and business models towards a circular economy. The aim of ProGOZ is to adapt companies to the challenges of green transformation.


Industry 4.0 and Innovation

A service for companies that want to gain competences and tools for innovation management and digital transformation. Thanks to ProInno, you will also gain the opportunity to finance your projects, prepare applications and applications, as well as professional advice on investments and technology development.

Recycling Cooperation

Coorditator of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster

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