Centrum Kooperacji Recyklingu – not for profit system sp. z o.o. 

The Coordinator, by virtue of the signed agreement, acts as the executive body of the Cluster Council, executing the tasks entrusted to him by the Cluster Board, with which it represents the Cluster outside.

Main tasks of the coordianator:

initiating, organizing and supporting the cooperation process within the framework of the cooperative relation – the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, between companies, institutions for the business environment, scientific and research units as well as local autonomous units.

Management Board:

President of the Board – Jolanta Okońska-Kubica

Vice President of the Board – Katarzyna Błachowicz


  • Kinga Kucharuk-Dyś – Lublin office
  • Teresa Lachor             – Kielce office
  • Marta Laskowska       – Warsaw office

69/3, Henryka Sienkiewicza street, 25-002 Kielce, POLAND
Teresa Lachor

15 C, Metalurgiczna street, 20-234 Lublin, POLAND
Kinga Kucharuk-Dyś

73/44, Rynkowa sreet, 62-081 Przeźmierowo near Poznań, POLAND
Katarzyna Błachowicz

6/8, Racjonalizacji street, Building. B Room 7 , 02-673 Warszawa, POLAND
Marta Laskowska

About the Coordinator

  • From 01. 08. 2013 – executive body of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, on the basis of the signed agreement on the provision of the service of coordination of the cooperation process within the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster
  • From 20.09.2013 – under the notarial deed Rep. A No. 3201/2013 assigned the name: Centrum Kooperacji Recyklingu – not for profit system Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością.

Scope of activities:

  • administrative, office and financial support of the Cluster (meetings of the Council and the Board of the Cluster and other meetings)
  • build a network of relations of cooperation and relations between the current and potential partners of the Cluster
  • elaboration of the Cluster development strategy;
  • planning, designing, coordinating and supervising the implementation of projects for the development of the cluster
  • support partners and cluster members in accessing the latest achievements in science, technology and exchange of experiences;
  • initiate activities to increase revenue or reduce costs through the purchase and sale of services and products by a consortium; (eg bundled purchase of telecommunications, energy and logistics services)
  • creation and improvement of existing services and products in order to increase the level of competitiveness of cooperation partners, including the strengthening of the „value chain”
  • coordinate cooperation and initiatives and projects implemented in the framework of the development of the idea of “sustainable development” and corporate social responsibility;
  • promoting the Cluster’s activities in Poland and abroad via the cluster website (www.klasterodpadowy.com), trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, trade missions, etc.
  • undertaking actions in order to obtain co-financing for the functioning and development of the cooperative relations
  • making decisions regarding the Cluster in all matters not reserved for the Cluster Board and the Management Board;

Provided services:

  • promotional consulting of grant, investment, product
  • development of economic, environmental and market analyses
  • preparation of project documentation (applications, business plans, feasibility studies) for cluster members and other companies and institutions related to the waste industry and recycling.



Company head address:

Centrum Kooperacji Recyklingu – not for profit system sp. z o.o.

69/3, Henryka Sienkiewicza street, 25-002 Kielce, POLAND

NIP : 5482616585

Email: biuro@klasterdoapdowy.com

Mobile. .: +48 533 649 605